Julian Viggars

Head of Technology Investments

Julian joined Enterprise Ventures in 2003 and heads the Technology investment team.

He is Fund Manager for the RisingStars Funds, FY Seedcorn Tech Fund, alongside 2 other legacy Tech and Venture Funds and he led Enterprise Ventures’ successful tenders for the current North West Venture and Yorkshire Seedcorn ‘Jeremie’ Funds.

Julian looks after Enterprise Venture’s 7 AIM listed investments and has been a NXD of Xeros plc since 2009. He has particular expertise in the healthcare and IT sectors and was previously an Investment Director and COO of BioProjects International plc, an AIM-listed early stage technology fund, which he co-founded with leading private investor Jim Slater. His investments included Acolyte Biomedica, sold for $100m to 3M, and £50m AIM listed Vialogy plc.

Prior to that he was an Associate Partner with accountancy firm NCL Smith & Williamson in London, and during his 10 years there he spent 18 months on secondment with Barclays Ventures as an investment manager working on small PE buyout transactions.