Enterprise Ventures supports entrepreneurs at all stages of the business cycle. Here are the six most common stages – and examples of entrepreneurs who have been there.


Adam Soliman, Charbrew - MtE

“I’ve got a great idea for a business but I need to raise finance to get it off the ground.”
Adam Soliman, Charbrew

Adam’s plan for a career as a commodities broker was foiled by the financial crisis. However after visiting tea plantations in the Far East, he decided to set up his own business. He launched Charbrew in 2010 at the age of 21 and his products are now listed in over 3,000 stores.



Andrew Davies and Tracey Peers, Texere - MtE

“I have a lot of experience managing businesses for other people but now I want to set up a business of my own.”
Andrew Davies, Texere Publishing

After years in senior management in the publishing industry, Andrew joined forces with Tracey Peers, who he had worked previously at Science magazine, to launch their own business. The Analytical Scientist was the first of four successful titles from this Cheshire publishing house.



Jorrit and Nicky Forbes-Jorritsma, Millican - MtE

“My business is already up and running but I could do with some investment to get it properly established.”
Jorrit and Nicky Forbes-Jorritsma, Millican

Inspired by their Lake District location, this husband and wife team launched their own range of travel bags and outdoor accessories in 2009, and have built a strong lifestyle brand. Investment from Enterprise Ventures is funding the company’s continued expansion in North America, Europe and Asia.



John Leach, Winning Pitch - MtE

“I am running a profitable business with plenty of opportunities for growth – I need funding to take it to the next stage of development.”
John Leach, Winning Pitch

Winning Pitch is a rapidly-growing company offering coaching and business support services. It now has offices in five locations and manages major public sector contracts. A £2.5m investment is providing the finance it needs to set up a new skills division and pursue opportunities overseas.



Tony Crane, Barber of Sheffield - MtE

“I’ve built a profitable business and want to continue expanding but I want to sell some of my shares to secure my family’s future.”
Tony Crane, Barber of Sheffield

This medical supplies business founded by Tony Crane in 1991 has become one of the UK’s largest suppliers of tattoo equipment. A multi-million pound investment has allowed Tony and his wife Stephanie to make acquisitions overseas while realising some of the capital tied up in the business.



Joanne Varey, Granby - MtE

“We are a strong management team running a successful business. The owner now wants to sell and we’d like to take over.”
Joanne Varey, Granby Marketing Services

When the owner of the business decided to sell his shares, Joanne led a £3.8m management buyout to become Managing Director of Granby, which provides direct marketing and e-commerce fulfilment services to blue-chip companies. Enterprise Ventures provided equity funding to support the deal.