Veterinary implants up and running with venture capital

October 19th, 2015

Investment Stories

Dr Dan Jones and Dr Chris Sutcliffe, Fusion Implants

When academics from the University of Liverpool developed a new way to produce veterinary implants through the use of 3D printing, they needed investment to put their ideas into practice.

Dr Dan Jones and Dr Chris Sutcliffe from the School of Engineering joined forces with veterinary experts from the university to launch Fusion Implants. A six-figure investment from The North West Fund for Venture Capital, managed by Enterprise Ventures, helped to finance the launch of their first product – a high-performance implant to cure the most common orthopaedic problem seen in dogs – rupture of the canine cruciate ligament in the knee joint.

With the product now in use in vets’ practices throughout the UK, the team have received a second six-figure sum to carry out further research and development.

Dan Jones said: “The support we have received from Enterprise Ventures has been fantastic and has allowed us to develop our products and bring them to market. Our future plans include working closely with veterinary surgeons to provide the next generation of animal implants.”

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