Texere Publishing banks on Enterprise Ventures

October 13th, 2015

Investment Stories

Andrew Davies and Helen Peers, Texere Publishing

After years working in senior management roles on science publications, Andy Davies and Tracey Peers decided to set up a magazine of their own.

The Analytical Scientist was launched with backing from The North West Fund for Venture Capital, managed by Enterprise Ventures. It was soon followed by three more – The Opthalmologist, The Pathologist and The Medicine Maker.

Texere Publishing now has a turnover of over £3m and a 26-strong workforce that is expected to increase to 32 by the end of 2015.

Andrew, the company’s Chief Executive, says: “Our model is about producing scientific and technical magazines with excellent content but also with personality and great story-telling. We treat scientists like people, rather than giving them dry and stuffy articles, and no-one else in the market does this.

“Despite our management expertise we would have struggled to raise start-up funding from a bank, but Enterprise Ventures understood what we wanted to do straight away.”

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