Funds include:

The Seedcorn Fund aims to back early-stage technology companies in the Yorkshire and Humberside region which have new and innovative technology and are capable of strong and rapid growth. The fund can provide up to £780,000 over the lifetime of the company.

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The North West Fund for Venture Capital is designed to support entrepreneurs building high growth businesses in the North West region. With an emphasis on backing people with a talent for business, the fund provides risk capital for new and early-stage start-up companies, in return for an equity share.

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Venture Capital

Our venture capital fund provides equity funding of £30,000 to £2 million to start-ups and young, growing companies located throughout the UK. As a specialist SME investor we provide venture capital to small companies throughout England and Wales and are one of the most active investors in this market place.

We invest in businesses across all sectors of the UK economy,including Digital & Creative, Advanced Manufacturing, Pharma & Healthcare and Business Services. What all our investee companies have in common is leaders with the talent, experience and determination to build great companies.

In particular we are keen to support management break-outs – former managers or management teams who are experienced and in their industry but are now venturing out on their own.

As well as long-term equity funding, we offer access to a network of entrepreneurial mentors, each of whom have built and sold their own companies, to advise, challenge and encourage.

We take time to get to know the entrepreneurs we back, working with them to test and refine their plans. Once we have made the decision to invest, we are committed to helping the business to achieve long-term success.

If you want to find out more about venture capital then please call us today on 0345 094 8886:

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